Universitat Jaume I

LabPsiTec is a leading research team in the design, development and validation of digital solutions for Psychology (including virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet-based interventions, and Apps) since 1995 at the Universitat Jaume I. LabPsitec is mainly composed of clinical and health psychologists but also experts in cognitive ergonomics and engineering. We have designed and validated solutions for different problems like chronic pain, obesity, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders and addictions. The team has extensive experience in exploring psychological and social factors in the design and development of digital solutions addressed to health. The final goal of LabPsitec is to contribute to improve the access to health and quality of life of citizens. 

LabPsitec has obtained funding from local, national, and European agencies, including continuous funding from the different research frameworks of the EU since 2001. Another goal of the team is the training of researcher at predoctorate and postdoctorate levels as well as the collaboration of our lab with other labs in Spain, Europe and USA. LabPsitec has worked also in the dissemination and communication of scientific results in prestigious scientific publications and conferences but also to other relevant stakeholders like health professionals, students, health managers and the general public. 

Project members

Azucena Garcia-Palacios 


Carlos Suso-Ribera

Key Researcher

Juani Breton-Lopez

Senior Researcher

Soledad Quero

Senior Researcher