Dissemination, Innovation, IPR, and Exploitation


The last work package of the SHARESPACE project focuses completely on the communication, dissemination, and exploitation of the research results both within the consortium as externally. Correct strategies for these actions is vital to the success of any research project.

The main objectives of the communication and dissemination strategy are as follows:

  • Set up internal communication mechanisms among the partners of the consortium.
  • Support the external promotion of SHARESPACE and its outcomes, managing the branding.
  • Deliver top-level messages about the project to all identified and relevant stakeholders.
  • Raise awareness to non-specialized audiences of the added value of SHARESPACE and its
    application in pilot activities.
  • Increase awareness and interest in the project.


A strong exploitation strategy will pave the way towards widespread adoption of SHARESPACE results during the project and beyond the end of the project. This strategy includes the analysis of the Needs, Benefits, USP, Business Cases. The main objective of the exploitation activities is to position the SHARESPACE project among the identified key stakeholders and maximize its impact during its life through the execution of different activities involving the offline and online world.

User Advisory Boards

To aid in the success of SHARESPACE, the consortium has set up three User Advisory Boards (UAB) to collaborate on the content, design, and validation of the SHARESPACE technology. Each real-world scenario (Art, Sport & Health) will have their own UAB consisting of people that represent core stakeholder in the sectors where SHARESPACE will have critical impact. The goal of the UABs is to get valuable input and feedback on the general development of the overall project.