Real-World Scenarios Evaluation

One of the key objectives of SHARESPACE system is evaluation of our embodied hybrid social space in three Real-World Scenarios from domains with very high potential: Health (Social Low Back Pain Exergame), Sport (Peloton Cycling), and Art (Shared Creativity). 

Together, these three scenarios will test all levels of autonomy (from virtual human at avatar level, to virtual autonomous character) in order to demonstrate the efficacy of our architecture, with respective KPIs. They have been selected based on the expertise of our consortium and upcoming international events where they will be demonstrated: The World Congress on Pain (2024 and 2025) held by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), the Olympic Games in Paris (July 2024) and the Tour de France (July 2025), and the Ars Electronica Festival (September 2024) and a dedicated event in Linz in 2025.   

The research delivery roadmap has been produced and is iteratively updated for all of the SHARESPACE scenarios to monitor delivery.  As the implementation of new systems and technologies introduces certain risks that need to be carefully evaluated and mitigated, we have run a systematic process to identify, analyze, and prioritize potential risks associated with the implementation of SHARESPACE technology across the three different scenarios. By examining these risks, we identified the potential challenges and uncertainties that may arise during the implementation process and help them develop effective risk management strategies as a part of the user requirements and technical safety rules.