Ricoh’s mission is to provide the excellence that improves life and drives sustainability. This commitment is in line with the Ricoh Way and the Spirit of Three Loves, the founding principles of Kiyoshi Ichimura. We are committed to making changes in the way people “work”. We are expanding the scope of our value provision from the traditional general office to the workplace, including workplaces in various industries, connecting offices and workplaces through digitalization, and contributing to the productivity of our customers by transforming the entire workflow. Furthermore, we will support the creation of value that exceeds customer expectations through the use of data. 

Today, people’s lifestyles and ways of working are undergoing major changes. To respond to these changes, we are transforming ourselves from an OA manufacturer to a digital services company. We are also looking ahead to the future, and our aspirations for our 100th year in business are expressed in our vision for 2036: “Bringing joy to ‘work'”. We believe that our mission at Ricoh, which is close to “work”, is to go beyond improving work efficiency and productivity to help people experience the joy of working – a sense of fulfillment, achievement, and self-fulfillment. 

The Ricoh Group has defined the sustainable society it aims to achieve as a society that maintains a balance among the three Ps: economy (Prosperity), society (People), and the global environment (Planet). To realize this, we are working on the three activities of ‘solving social issues through the business’, ‘strengthening our management foundation’, and ‘contributing to society’, and by contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we hope to become the company of choice for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, business partners, and shareholders. 

Project members

Soichiro Yokota

Technical Director

Toshiyuki Ikeo


Hideaki Kanayama


So Okumura

Key Researcher