De Montfort University

De Montfort University’s Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) has gained an impressive reputation as a key player in the international research network for the ethical and social implications of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This reflects the growing demand from both the public and government to deliver acceptable ICT. As part of CCSR, our members undertake research and provide teaching, consultancy and advice to individuals, communities, organisations and governments at local, national and international levels on the actual and potential impacts of computing and related technologies on society and its citizens. 

In SHARESPACE, DMU’s ethics team’s role is to develop Ethics by Design (EbD) in terms of the processes and practices of creating novel technologies. DMU’s ethics team will carry out interviews, surveys and ethnographies to co-create the ethics roadmap and framework of the SHARESPACE project. The results will be shared in publicly available deliverables and academic publications. 

Project members

Kathleen Richardson

Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robotics and AI

Kathleen Bryson

Research Fellow in the Ethics of Representational Technologies of the Human 

Jessica Sutherland

Research Assistant in the Ethics of Representational Technologies of the Human