Real-World Scenarios

Real -World Scenarios

Three real-world use cases will be developed during the Sharespace project.

Social Low Back Pain Exergame

Sharespace sees personalized medicine as a great field to apply their technology. In this specific use-case, Sharespace aims to allow patients suffering from low back pain to follow physical treatment from the comfort of their homes. Since physical therapy lessons offered at the hospital have the downsides of being at a fixed time, can be far away from the patients home, and have limited capacity, this virtual application might be a solution. The technology developed by Sharespace allows patients to follow physical therapy in a Shared Hybrid Space out of the comfort of their own homes. In the SHS, other patients and a therapist represented by avatars are present, that can closely follow if the patient executes the necessary exercises correctly.


Located at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz is the Deep Space 8K. This specific space, unique in the world, allows for immersive 3D experiences due to high quality wall and floor projections. Deep Space 8K will serve as the context for developing three artistic interventions using the Sharespace technology. Artists will be invited to create multi-user, hybrid, interactive art performances using the Social Hybrid Space concept, thereby enabling people to have virtual experiences interacting with avatars. The artistic interventions will be presented at the yearly Ars Electronica Festival in the years 2024 & 2025 with the goal to share the possibilities of this new technology and can serve as helpful first step for other artist who are interested in the XR field.

Credit: Raphael Elias Schaumburg-Lippe, Ars Electronica Futurelab

Family Peloton Cycling

The third use-case of the Sharespace project is to showcase the different possibilities the developed technology has in the field of sport. In this specific case, the brand-new XR technology allows amateur cycling fanatics to learn how to cycle together in a peloton in a safe environment, which makes it highly suitable for children. By mounting their bikes on Wahoo KickRs in their own homes, people can control the position and speed of their visual avatars, therefore acquiring the peloton cycling skill.