Panel discussion participation during ‘Research to Reality: Digital Solutions to European Challenges’

On February 5th & 6th, organized under the Belgian presidency in cooperation with the European Commission, this year’s ‘Research to Reality: Digital Solutions to European Challenges’ event was hosted in Brussels. This even promises the shape the future of digitalization of Europe. You can check out their website here.

Through keynote speeches, interactive breakout sessions and workshops the event aims to address critical questions surrounding the digital future of Europe. How does Europe gain strategic leadership in key digital technologies that provide real benefits for its citizens and businesses? What are the challenges for creating a well-streamlined European digital funding and investment landscape, and how do you navigate them? How can Europe’s research on digital technologies help to achieve the ambitions of its Digital Decade and of the twin transition?

SHARESPACE’s project coordinator Didier Stricker (DFKI) participated during the panel discussion ‘Virtual Worlds & Web 4.0’, where the main focus was the question: what will it take for Europe to succeed in the metaverse where human-centricity, tech integration and cross-disciplinarity are of the essence? Here, Didier was able to share his experiences he gained from participating in SHARESPACE, where those topics and questions are also central.