SHARESPACE at Stereopsia Europe 2023

From the 18th to the 20th of October, Stereopsia 2023 was held in Brussels. Stereopsia is an international forum dedicated to immersive technologies and content. It is the ultimate gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, content creators, academics, and audiences seeking new voices and fresh perspectives since 2009, and is the largest of its kind in Europe.

The European Commission has been a driving force in advancing XR-related research and development projects. Notably, substantial funding has been channeled through the H2020 and Horizon Europe programs, enabling projects like SHARESPACE. During Stereopsia this year, all Horizon Europe and key protagonists behind exceptional projects and consortia came together to discuss and reflect. The discussion unveiled their latest outcomes and future visions but also opened avenues for discourse on potential collaborations that can fuel the progression of XR development across Europe.

SHARESPACE project coordinator Didier Stricker was present during this event to present SHARESPACE. Other EU projects that were presented include THEIA-XR, CORTEX2, SUN.xr, Tactility Project, XR4Human, VR2Care, TRANSMIXR, and XReco.

Furthermore, the European Commission’s new strategy for Web 4.0 and virtual worlds was presented, which carries relevance for the execution of SHARESPACE’s goals. You can read it here.